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Medina Cares, Inc. Frequently asked questions.

How do I get assistance?

Review the qualifications section (Apply->Qualifications), then print the application (Apply->Assistance Application), complete the form and

mail it to Medina Cares address on the form. Expect 1 week for processing time.


Can I apply for assistance more than 1 time in a year?

No, Medina Cares, Inc. will only assist once per individual in a year period.  We are trying to help as many individuals as we can, with a limited amount of funds.


What if I do not qualify for Medina Cares, Inc. assistance?

Medina Cares will send out a general email to other organizations requesting other possible resources, and make reccomendations for other resources in the county.


Is there a $ limit on assistance I can request for?

Medina Cares reviews all requests on a case by case basis. Depending on funds available, we will make a determination on assistance amount.