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Board of Directors

Karen Metzker RN- Co-President

Greg Nichols RCP - Vice President

Sue Dimit - Treasurer

Carrie Field RN - Secretary

Beth DeFelice MSW- Committee Member

Deb Nichols RN - Committee Member

Courtney Cesareo - Committee Member



Friend of Medina Cares

Debby Hamm
Kevin Paterak
Kelly Baker RN
Annie Mocio STNA
Steve Pamer PT
Ann Vogt
Traci Foley
Sherrie Katakis
Sandy Pinalli



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Medina Cares


Formed in 2008, Medina Cares is an all  volunteer, donation driven

501 (c) 3 Non-profit Organization in Medina County, Ohio.  Our mission is to

provide temporary financial assistance and community resources to

help meet the needs of persons in Medina County ages 19 - 59 yrs.

old who are experiencing a medical crisis.


The services of Medina Cares are provided to Medina County Residents

based  on need and availability of funds during a medical crisis.  These

services include, but are not limited to, assistance obtaining needed

medications and equipment, paying utilities or rent, groceries and

food supplements, and assistance with transportation expenses to

get to and from medical appointments.


Medina Cares will also provide information on community resources

that may be available to residents in need.