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                1114 North Court  St.
                Box 122
                Medina, Ohio 44256             

Mission:  To provide temporary financial assistance once annually and community resources to help meet the needs of persons in Medina County ages 19 t0 59 years old who are experiencing a medical crisis.

Qualifications:  The qualifications for someone to be considered to receive financial assistance through Medina Cares are as follows:

1.    Medina County Resident

2.    Age 19 to 59 years old

3.    In financial need of an item or service

4.    Money will be paid to provider of service or equipment (i.e. prescriptions, equipment, utilities…, etc.)

5.    Individual experiencing a medical crisis.

6.    Only 1 request will be granted per individual in a 1 year period.

Submission of application:  Upon completion of the application, mail to the above address (see forms page for application).

         You should hear from someone within 1 week.